Reviews and Reader Comments

I'm so pleased that Southern Man is getting reviews, and very glad they're all positive this far.

Says Cherokee, at Coffee Time Romance:

...a smooth flowing storyline that kept this reader interested. The characters are real. ... Troy and Patty were good players as husband and wife, as they sought to maintain order in their life. Connie Chastain tells the story of a loving couple who... find a way to face any temptation in their path. She chronicles a good tale, instilling, warmth and emotions in her players, to create a delightful story worth the read.

Says Edelweiss at LASR Reviews: absorbing story of marriage vows under stress and of politically targeted individuals facing social and career extinction....refreshingly written from the viewpoint of the traditional family values that made our culture the world’s envy....a novel with political bite....grippingly exposes the underside of corporate harassment policies that have inadvertently brought misery to many innocent employees....a well written story, with prose that’s concise and silky to read..... sparks with rising excitement as it gathers momentum...the harrowing rush to the book’s conclusion is a riveting reading experience....a love story of refined elegance.

Wow! Thanks to both of you. Great reviews!

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