Let the voting begin

Congrats and thanks to the seven entrants in the Itsy Bitsy Story Contest. I'm glad I'm the moderator and don't get a vote, because they're all great and I'd lose sleep trying to choose!

Read the stories here: Entries

Then, beginning at midnight (February 8) choose your favorite by number or author name -- and vote in the comments HERE.

Voting ends Sunday, February 14, 2010 at midnight.

1. Alison McEvoy Murray
"She loves me...she loves me not....

2. Rowan Elizabeth
"She watches him from across the library...."

3. starfleetbrat
"He sees her by the water cooler..."

4. lastingdreams
"With all the technology surrounding us..."

5. Shannon
"The vice president had told to create a 'game plan'..."

6. serafine-fic
"Surrounded by the files they had worked so hard on...."

7. Ai
"Dear Mom, Boarding school sucks..."

It's been great fun and I hope to do it again, with more promotion and, hopefully, more great entries!

Thanks again to all who entered stories. You're all great writers!


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