Blogging at The False Rape Society

I'm gratified by the opportunity to become a contributor to this fantastic blog begun by Attorney Pierce Harlan.  You can't read my blog or website -- or my novels -- without concluding that I'm no feminist and that I support the men's rights movement.  And false rape accusations overwhelmingly impact men.

Over time, I'll  educate myself on what feminists say about the "rape culture" and how it appears to impact the growing number of false rape accusations.  Actually, do anyone but feminists talk about a "rape culture"?  I think the claim is as dubious as the article positing that overwhelming "hatred of women" exists in the United States (it was on truthout years ago, or Daily Kos or one of those ultra-lib websites -- I'll find it and post a link when I have time).  Really?  The USA, where women have excessive influence over government, run public education, and enjoy the cushiest female existence on the planet?  Gimme a break!

In any case, I'll post what I discover in short essays at The False Rape Society.  Many thanks to Pierce for the opportunity!