Exciting happenings!

I'm excited and delighted. Storm Surge has been sold to Desert Breeze Publishing with a planned release date in April, 2011.

Desert Breeze is a relatively new publisher but already has a track record for producing wonderful e-books. I'm both honored and humbled that they've accepted my story.

It's also been fun to meet other Desert Breeze authors online and chat about the biz. Many thanks for the opportunity to Editor in Chief Gail Delaney and the great folks at Desert Breeze.

Visit the Desert Breeze Publishing website and take a look at their wonderful variety of novels.

I'm also pleased about an interview with David Wisehart that appeared on his Kindle Author blog recently. It's a great blog and it's fun to read interviews with other authors -- to see what motivates them to write, why they published Kindle books, and other interesting topics.

Read it here: Kindle Author Interview -- Connie Chastain

David is an author and playwright, director and producer who also finds the time to help Kindle authors get the word out about their stories.

Thanks for the interview, David