Exponential Nostalgia

Thanks to my sis for that great phrase.  She and I are hip-deep in a vintage music craze at YouTube. It started with TV theme songs from the Sixties (Route 66, Mr. Lucky, Peter Gunn, etc.) and grew from there.  I now have five playlists at YouTube where I can go and listen to my faves in various categories -- Mid Century Swank Instrumentals; Mid Century Country; Rock From Back In the Day; Mid Century Vocals and Eighties Goodies.

One of the songs I found was a popular tune from the late 1950s, The Wayward Wind by Gogi Grant. I really liked that song, though I was a grade schooler when it was popular. We had a 45 RPM version (and it's probably still around my house somewhere). I can't play my old vinyl singles and albums, as we have no working phonograph anymore. How wonderful to find it on YouTube!

If you want to hear it, click this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFhwxZeq6g4  What a voice! What a classy song!  But here's the topper.  Grant performed this song in 2004 when she was approaching eighty years old -- and was still performing in 2010 in Palm Springs, California.  Enjoy the 2004 performance:


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