Check out my interview... Tabby's Nocturnal Nights Blog.

Thanks to Tabitha Blake for the opportunity!


Marja @ StuckInYourBeard said...

Hello, Connie. I want to ask you a question about something on the FRS blog, but the comments there have been disabled. On July 23rd, in a post called "Rape Culture 101" you mention something about your first post on FRS. Can you possibly link me to that first post? I would like to read it. Thank you.

p.s. Here is the link to the recent post:

Connie Chastain said...

Marja, here's the URL

Hope that helps.

You can also go to the FRS blog and search my name; I have about fourteen essays there.

Marja @ StuckInYourBeard said...

Thank you.

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