Rabies Scare!

Spot, July 26, 2010
Is this the face of a rabid cat?  Until the infection reaches a certain stage and symptoms begin to show, you can't tell just by looking.

This is Spot, a semi-stray my husband and I are feeding and trying to socialize so he can be checked, innoculated, etc.

Spot bit me recently and sent me into a rabies scare.  There are other stressors and anxiety-producers at work in my life right now, or I probably would have been more rational about the bite and its aftermath.

Whole story here, if you're interested: A Scary Cat Tale

I've calmed down now; Spot grows more laid back and "at home" here. Looks like it was a lot of worry for nothing.

But isn't most worry for nothing?

Spot, May 2010


Miss Pamb said...

Hi Connie. I just finished reading about your cat bite. It can be very frightening to think you could be exposed to rabies. Moma thought she had been exposed to rabies when her pet skunk bit (or scratched) her. Thank goodness the skunk wasn't rabid. That was several years ago. Whew . . .

Connie Chastain said...

I remember hearing about that. So glad it turned out okay. My situation is real, real, real low risk; but nothing is a sure thing, so we'll keep watching Spot for much longer than the required ten days.

Say howdy to your mama for me. Love y'all!

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