Writing Relay

I'm attempting to write two books simultaneously.  Rather, I'm doing the preliminary work on both so that if I get stuck working on one -- writer's block, muses on strike, whatever --  I can set it aside and work on the other.

Little Sister is the third book in the Georgia Series (following Southern Man and Sweet Southern Boys).  Walraven Manor is a stand-alone story (at least, thus far).

Here are the covers:
 And here are the taglines: 
Little Sister -- A college student interning at a social watchdog organization discovers information that could jeopardize her life and her family.

Walraven Manor -- A Midwestern woman who believes she is a reincarnated slave relocates to Alabama seeking a man who she believes is the reincarnation of her master. 
I've chosen four possible songs to serve as inspirational background music as I write.  I know that Rushen's Almost Home is definitely in.  The other three are very close runners up.  They're at YouTube.  Have a listen....

Almost Home ~ Patrice Rushen

On the Move ~ Count Basic

Off the Hook ~ Roger Smith

Bahia Funk ~ Lee Ritenour

Enjoy the music, folks!

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