More on Alex Austin's story...

Tagline: Can a sweet, shy woman change a minor league catcher's notions about predatory females? 

  Cover Blurb:
Minor  league catcher Alex Austin has avoided romantic relationships since high school, disillusioned by the predatory and shallow nature of the women he encountered in college. Growing up, he had anticipated adulthood centered on a loving marriage relationship like his parents shared, but since graduation, he's is relieved that the hectic pace of minor league baseball provides him a convenient excuse for avoiding women.

Kate Simmons is the opposite of the shallow, predatory creature Alex assumes most women to be. When they meet at a Silver Mullets charity event, Alex is curious and interested. But sweet, shy Kate has her own reason for steering clear of men, much deeper than the painful high school experience she blames for her shyness.

The genuine friendship that springs up between them both masks and enables an intense romantic attraction. Will caring and love break through, or will their personal barriers deny them a future together?

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