Southern Man to be out soon!

By arrangement with the author (me) Brasstown Books (also me), an imprint of Great Southern Publishing (yep, you guessed it; me, again) is going to publish Southern Man with a release date of sometime this summer. Early June, I hope.

I've been busy doing book designing. It's really enjoyable, and I like the idea that I have control over things like font style and size, and cover design. I also rather like the idea of doing my own marketing and promotion. It's not like being marketed by one of the New York giants (no, not those Giants) but I don't think even they do a lot of marketing except for big name authors.

Since most of this book's marketing will be done online, I have started with banner designs. I did these first few banners, static and animated, as well as the cover for Southern Man, in two programs, Adobe PhotoDeluxe (the "home version" of Photoshop) and Ultimate Paint.

I'll have a little longer to work on these before my ISBNs come in. I'm also waiting to hear back on permission to quote lyrics from a popular song in this novel. That's going to be about three weeks... Also give me plenty of time for one more proofreading of my manuscript.

This is exciting!