Great Review of Southern Man

I'm absolutely blown away by Hope Denney's review of Southern Man, published at her review site, Orchard Rest Writer's Loft.

Ms. Denney is a Southern writer as well as a great reviewer of Southern fiction, having published her first novel, Surrender at Orchard Rest, in February. Her affinity, both writing and reviewing, is for 19th century Southern Gothic novels, so I am especially pleased that she chose to review my late 20th Century historical.

The entire review made my day, but here are a few snippets that I especially appreciate.
Ms. Chastain excels at penning a smoothly flowing, polished prose that is years ahead of first novel status.

 Despite this novel having a large cast of characters once you add in the cast of Troy’s workplace, I got to know each character well. They were powerfully and beautifully sketched.

Ms. Chastain sketches a Christian but passionate marriage with all the prowess of an armchair psychologist

Working Cover
Troy Stevenson is a well-crafted Southern hero that I believe encompasses the contemporary Southern man ... much better than any that I have read of late.
In addition to giving my novel a fantastic review, Ms.  Denney has inspired me to take the closest WIP I have to Southern Gothic -- Walraven Manor -- off the back burner, and get cracking on it again. To help reacquaint me with the genre, I have her debut novel in my Kindle for PC and some other titles she has reviewed.

You can read her reviews here: Orchard Rest Writer's Loft. Her novel is available at, here: Surrender at Orchard Rest.

Many thanks, Ms. Denney.