Storm Surge submitted

I've been scarce lately, finishing up my romantic suspense novel, Storm Surge, and I recently submitted it to Carina Press. This is a new e-publisher owned by Harlequin. Judging by their website and blog, they're still in the start-up phase. Guidelines say the soonest I'll hear anything is four weeks.

I started this novel as a quickie "formula" romance that I hoped to find a publisher for, either print or electronic, to enhance the marketability of Southern Man. But I got so involved with the characters and the story, I had to give it my all ... sweet Briana who so badly wanted to do something "important" to overcome her frivolous, Southern-American-Princess self-image -- and who ended up biting off way more than she could chew ... and handsome, conscientious Justin, who put his business, employees, his church before himself, and buried his heart under responsibility and obligation ... and Kathy, a Category Five Hurricane who pays a visit to the Gulf Coast.

So, I've packed these two off to Toronto, or New York, or wherever Carina is; it's possible, being e-pubishers, that their readers and editors could be anywhere. Godspeed, Justin and Briana.

Now it's time to see who is waiting in the wings. Catlin? Jeremy? Randy, Shelby and John Mark?