Classic Romance Revival? And how!

I'm excited to be a new affiliate author at Classical Romance Revival -- an online group of authors from around the world who support the revival of classical romance -- that is, sweet, sensual and sophisticated romance with the classic values of commitment, integrity... and happily ever after! A marvelous new website has been launched by author Judah Raine of Westville, South Africa, the group's dedicated and resourceful leader, and a cyber-celebration is underway.

Follow the link below to have a look around. There are reviews of classical romances, a wonderful group blog and news (check under "Hot Happenings"). You'll also find author interviews, bookstore -- even recipes!

So come check us out -- and check back often!

How Sweet It Is!

With apologies to Jackie Gleason...(All you kids who don't know who that is, click HERE) I have to tell you what a great time I had chatting at The Sweetest Romance blog! Our guest was Crystal Wilkinson, who acquainted us with the wheel concept of story structure (all "spokes" must lead to the hub, or core, of the story). There was also a scavenger hunt won by -- Yours Truly! My prize -- this lovely banner.
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Thanks for an fun evening, ladies of the blog. I look forward to chatting with you again.

Playing with covers ... again

The novel I originally called Honor's Conquest has been renamed Storm Surge. The reference is to coastal flooding that accompanies hurricanes when they make landfall -- one of the major events in the story.

I have about 33,000 words. I need another 20,000 more and it'll be finished. I'm not going to publish this one under the Brasstown Books imprint. I'll go the submissions route. This is a romance -- no politico-cultural agendas, here -- so we'll see how it does.

Even though I'll submit to conventional publishers, I couldn't resist playing with a cover idea. Whoever suggested to me to make covers for my WIPs -- thanks so much! I enjoy doing it, and the covers make the book more real while it's being created.

So here it is. What do you think?

Here's a bit about the story:

All her life, Briana Farrior has been a SAP -- a Southern American Princess, small-town, small-time version. But since she was a college freshman, she has wanted to shed her frivolous self concept and do something with her life that matters.

Her first chance comes when she is hired by Guardian Consumer Protection Group, a watchdog organization in Mobile, Alabama, to help get the goods on ruthless corporations that victimize the little guy.

But her big chance comes when her boss and mentor, Sylvia Watson, helps her go undercover at Gulf States Insurance Services, an independent adjusting firm in nearby Pensacola, Florida.

The young company is headed up by its founder, Justin Adair, who Sylvia suspects of big-time insurance fraud.

Briana's mission -- become Adair's trusted administrative assistant and find the evidence.

But Sylvia didn't tell her young friend that Adair was so handsome and charming. And she didn't tell her how a crook could be a man of such high principles and virtue.

And now that Justin is falling in love with his new administrative assistant, how can Briana stop herself from loving him in return?

More to the point, why should she?

But as Justin and Briana work through the barriers -- her deception and his doubt --that threaten their love before it really starts, a vengeful adversary threatens their lives.

Reviews and Reader Comments

I'm so pleased that Southern Man is getting reviews, and very glad they're all positive this far.

Says Cherokee, at Coffee Time Romance:

...a smooth flowing storyline that kept this reader interested. The characters are real. ... Troy and Patty were good players as husband and wife, as they sought to maintain order in their life. Connie Chastain tells the story of a loving couple who... find a way to face any temptation in their path. She chronicles a good tale, instilling, warmth and emotions in her players, to create a delightful story worth the read.

Says Edelweiss at LASR Reviews: absorbing story of marriage vows under stress and of politically targeted individuals facing social and career extinction....refreshingly written from the viewpoint of the traditional family values that made our culture the world’s envy....a novel with political bite....grippingly exposes the underside of corporate harassment policies that have inadvertently brought misery to many innocent employees....a well written story, with prose that’s concise and silky to read..... sparks with rising excitement as it gathers momentum...the harrowing rush to the book’s conclusion is a riveting reading experience....a love story of refined elegance.

Wow! Thanks to both of you. Great reviews!

Says it all...

Getting the word out....

I'm so excited that Southern Man is featured in the August 2009 edition of the "Marketing for Romance Writers" newsletter. Many thanks to the MFRW staff -- all volunteers -- for all their hard work! The newsletter is viewable to members of of Marketing for Romance Writers Newsletter Group at:

It's a wonderful edition of the newsletter. Great job! Thanks again, Rochelle and staff!