The E-book revolution

Rated R -- For Readers

Readers may or may not be as aware as writers are of the great shifting of the tectonic plates of the publishing industry wrought by the digital revolution. But most of you surely aren't unaware of it.

In 2008, alternatively published books (including e-books) outnumbered conventionally published ones, for the first time in history. They were published for you -- readers. You've purchased Kindles and Nooks and Sony Readers by the millions.

My Kindle for PC loading....

Although sales of traditional dead-tree books still outnumber sales of e-books, the balance is gradually tilting. As has been noted many times and places, paper books will never entirely go away. Probably. But readers of the future will read electronic books, magazines and newspapers. 

Southern Man on Kindle for PC
If you're undecided about buying an e-reader (I don't own one, yet --but my sister owns two, a Kindle and a Nook) you can still read e-books on your computer. Many e-publishers offer books for downloading in .pdf format. All that's required is the installation of Adobe's Acrobat Reader.  It's free, and Adobe is wonderful about keeping the software updated with the latest capabilities.

Get Adobe Reader

You Amazon addicts will be happy to discover (if you don't know already) that Kindle emulating software is available for download and installation on your computer. You can purchase Kindle books and download them in seconds.  And many, particularly classics, are free! It's hard to beat free!

Get Kindle for PC software

There's also Kindle software for your iPhone, Blackberry, iPad and Android.

Check it out, and join the digital reading revolution. Happy E-reading!

Screenshot of portion of Kindle for PC showing
Prologue from Southern Man and reader controls

Stuff that's been happening....

Rated G -- For General  Readership

I've resumed my weekly essays about gender issues at the False Rape Society blog. Many thanks to Pierce and Steve for the opportunity to vent my spleen over the excesses of radical feminism. I guess a 120,000- word novel taking rad-fems to task just didn't get it out of my system.

I have a new link in my wavy menu bar at the top of my pages -- Fun Stuff. Have a look. Jigsaw and crossword puzzles, hangman and word search games, all with tie-ins to my novels. And off-site links to more games and puzzles, for more fun.

I continue to work on my writing in progress -- my somewhat-paranormal romance featuring the Southern Sasquatch, aka skunk apes (Google 'em); and the Georgia series. But as I've noted in several blogs and groups and loops and elsewhere, I belong to the P.J. O'Rourke school of writing. My methodology is to procrastinate as long as possible....
"Writing is agony. I hate it. ....When I'm writing, I spend a lot of time thinking, 'My, doesn't the top of the fridge look dirty'. It takes for ever. I like thinking about writing. I like having written. But actually sitting down and doing it ..."
-- P.J. O'Rourke, journalist, writer and political satirist,
to Christopher Bray of the U.K.'s Telegraph, 2005
All you jigsaw puzzle freaks, click the graphic links below to go to the puzzles made from my book covers. Have fun!
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