A great cause to support

Men's Studies. But really? Is that necessary?

For decades, education in the United States has been oriented to the way girls learn while showing hostility to how boys learn. As a result, boys are falling behind in school. Almost two-thirds of college students are females, which is used as justification for denying male students participation in sports. Boys are three to four times as likely as girls to commit suicide.

Men die sooner. They account for over 90% of workplace deaths. They have been hit particularly hard by the service economy and the current recession. Men are disproportionately victimized by America's family court system, having their children and livelihood stolen from them. Male victims of domestic violence are routinely ignored by legislators, law enforcement and the public. Men are disproportionately demonized in the media and the popular culture.

Feminism claims to be about equality of the sexes. Why, then, have there been Women's Studies courses in our universities for decades, but no Men's Studies?

Hopefully, that is about to change, thanks to the On Step Institute which is sponsoring a symposium on Male Studies on April 7, 2010.

As a supporter of Men's Rights, I give the On Step Institute a hearty cheer.


We have a winner!

Folks, I apologize for my Itsy Bitsy Story Contest being sabotaged by technology (or the failure thereof) among other things. We had one vote, cast by starfleetbrat, which went to Shannon. And here's Shannon's winning entry:

The vice president had told him to create a "game plan" to sell the stockholders on the new direction the company was taking. Mark knew what he was - a shill for the suits. It was time to learn how to talk out of both sides of his mouth, he figured. No one really believed those motivational posters right? Supposedly inspirational pictures with pithy sayings to keep the grunts from complaining too loudly. His promotion put him on the inside and so he had to wear the mask. His boss, of course, called it being a team player.

Congratulation, Shannon. And thanks to all who participated!


Let the voting begin

Congrats and thanks to the seven entrants in the Itsy Bitsy Story Contest. I'm glad I'm the moderator and don't get a vote, because they're all great and I'd lose sleep trying to choose!

Read the stories here: Entries

Then, beginning at midnight (February 8) choose your favorite by number or author name -- and vote in the comments HERE.

Voting ends Sunday, February 14, 2010 at midnight.

1. Alison McEvoy Murray
"She loves me...she loves me not....

2. Rowan Elizabeth
"She watches him from across the library...."

3. starfleetbrat
"He sees her by the water cooler..."

4. lastingdreams
"With all the technology surrounding us..."

5. Shannon
"The vice president had told to create a 'game plan'..."

6. serafine-fic
"Surrounded by the files they had worked so hard on...."

7. Ai
"Dear Mom, Boarding school sucks..."

It's been great fun and I hope to do it again, with more promotion and, hopefully, more great entries!

Thanks again to all who entered stories. You're all great writers!


Woohoo, Saints Superbowl Champs!

Congrats to Coach Sean Peyton, Quarterback Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints on their Superbowl victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Husband ecstatic; crying tears of joy. He's a Louisiana Boy who's been waiting for this for decades!

Contest Deadline Extended

Thanks to the slimy black-hat hackers who created "Internet Security 2010" fake anti-virus malware -- which has attacked my computer several times, caused loss of time and data, necessitated two restores of my system, and thus kept me from promoting the Itsy Bitsy Story Contest as I'd planned -- I'm extending the deadline another week, to February 7th. Voting for the winner will start February 8th and run until February 14 -- Valentine's Day! Post both your contest entry and your votes in the comments section.

There are some great entries already. Go read them, you'll enjoy them. Many thanks to the entrants!

So join in! Tell fellow writers in your forums and groups. It's great fun and because of the word restriction, it really is a challenge!