Rabies Scare!

Spot, July 26, 2010
Is this the face of a rabid cat?  Until the infection reaches a certain stage and symptoms begin to show, you can't tell just by looking.

This is Spot, a semi-stray my husband and I are feeding and trying to socialize so he can be checked, innoculated, etc.

Spot bit me recently and sent me into a rabies scare.  There are other stressors and anxiety-producers at work in my life right now, or I probably would have been more rational about the bite and its aftermath.

Whole story here, if you're interested: A Scary Cat Tale

I've calmed down now; Spot grows more laid back and "at home" here. Looks like it was a lot of worry for nothing.

But isn't most worry for nothing?

Spot, May 2010

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