A new look for the new year

For a while now, I've been aware that my red/black/gray-themed website was not reflective of a romance writer. Probably not surprising when you take into account that it was inspired by the website of a famous action-adventure author... Well, duh.

So I redesigned the sucker.

Perhaps I went a little too far in the other direction? Retro pink, green and gold, like a 1970s Southern wedding theme? Roses and scrolls? Wavy-bottomed header? Ya think?

Ah, well. I'll leave it a while. And if it turns out the new look doesn't resonate with my readers (all ten of you), maybe I'll go back to the red/black/gray theme -- or start all over again with something new? Coral/aqua/cream -- the colors of 1950s melamine dishes? How about the hot pink/teal/plum of the Miami Vice Eighties?

I think I'd rather get back to writing novels. But if you want to sound off on the new look, just click the comment link.