Quotable qotes from my characters

“She was trying to be helpful. That’s what women do, because that’s how God made them—to be helpers and companions to men. Mainly wives to husbands but you find it in the workplace, too.... They want to help us and they want to please us, and so they go overboard sometimes. But you don’t have to get bowed up about it.”
~Troy Stevenson, discussing his secretary, Dinah Langley,
with his friend and colleague, Max Ingram

“I know it hurts you to think there are people out there who believe you did what you’re accused of. But they’re the people who hate you, anyway, because you have a family you love and take care of. They’re the people who want me to support myself, they want the government to raise the children, and they want you to disappear. Don’t give their opinions any weight, not any, for one second longer.”
~Patty Stevenson, to her husband, Troy

"We were both saps....S-A-P. Southern American Princess. In our case, small-town, small-time version....Ornaments. Frivolous. Not to be taken seriously. I don't think my parents realized what kind of self-image they were helping us develop, because they told us from time to time how important it was to get an education and think about the kind of work we wanted to do, but that was stacked up against years of silly ballet lessons and parties and school clubs and cheerleading and prom queening..."
~Briana Farrior to her employer and love interest, Justin Adair

"I'm a little put out with you right now, but I'll get over it. Anger's a feeling; feelings come and go. But love is constant and steadfast, and the capacity to forgive is limitless."
~Justin Adair, to his secetary and love interest, Briana Farrior
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