Getting back in the Video Editing Swing

This is a mockup of a video trailer for my WIP, Wesley's Women. It's a mockup because I'm still looking for images for the final cut. I'll use many that are in the mockup, though.

Also I will use other music. The music on the mockup are free cuts from Jewel Beat. They are about 15 seconds long and I just string them together on the video edit screen's timeline.

My editing softeware is old and not supported by the manufacturer anymore. Nevertheless, it is quite capable, with  number of fancy transitions -- checkerboards, blinds, page peels and such. I don't particularly enjoy seeing those in videos, so I don't use them in mine. I prefer straight cuts or dissolves.

The video below is quite rough. There are missing fades and such I intended to go back and remedy, but the program crashed and I'm probably going to have to reinstall it and deal with some other problems. involving third party codecs, about which I know nothing. I don't even know what a codec is. Many Internet searches  lie ahead for me.

But it IS a rough so ...  it's rough. You can still get an idea about what the finished trailer will be like -- and hopefully, what my novel is about.

Wesley's Women is about 1/3 to 1/2 finished. The video depicts events from the first half of the book. So, there's still quite a bit of writing to do.

(Mockup removed. See next blog post for finished video.)

I have already posted an image of the cover on the blog -- scroll back to see it. Once this video is completed, I think I will go back and make video trailers for Storm Surge and Little Sister.